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We are the first IT Exam Substituting Company For worldwide. During 1987. we are provided services with many test centers around the world.

Authentic certificates online is a progressive company founded in 1987 and dedicated to providing reliable solutions for individuals who would like to obtain IT certification. We are the owners of tens of authorized testing sites and have a good relationship with many testing sites in the world.

100% of our employees hold at least one certification and are glad to provide you with helpful advice for your desired certification.

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Our customer service team is proud of its friendly and prompt service. We have a well-established customer service rule and a steady customer relationship management – CRM system which will greatly increase the satisfaction of our customers. Any existing customer will be assigned a personal service representative who will reply to your email with 24 hours.

We also provide IT certification consulting, which helps you to select your best cert path for your jobs. That’s can save you money and time. It is a free service. We are welcome for a non-customer to ask our questions.

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